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Brainomix joins forces with Boehringer Ingelheim to help save stroke victims

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Our vision is to become a world leader in imaging software to support clinical decision making, for neurological and cerebrovascular diseases by making imaging accessible.

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms and working together with a team of specialists including clinicians, stroke neurologists, scientists and business professionals, Brainomix is uniquely equipped to achieve this vision.


e-ASPECTS software uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide rapid and standardized assessment of stroke patients' CT scans, supporting the fast and consistent treatment decisions of medical professionals, irrespective of their experience or expertise.

It works by automating the Alberta Stroke Program Early CT score (ASPECTS) method.

e-ASPECTS reduces inter-examiner variability in interpretation supporting a more standardized stroke diagnosis.

e-ASPECTS supports the quick and accurate assessment of ischemic stroke damage that is critical in emergency departments. It helps to make informed treatment decisions, as early as possible, optimizing patient outcomes.

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