AI-enabled support for fast and consistent interpretation of non-contrast CTs

The lack of timely, available expertise for brain CT scan interpretation can delay stroke patients accessing life-saving treatment. e-ASPECTS helps to solve this issue by using artificial intelligence (AI) to enable quick and accurate assessment of ischemic stroke damage, both by quantifying the volume of ischemia and with the ASPECTS score. By reducing inter-reader variability in interpretation, it enables a more standardized stroke diagnosis. It facilitates fast and consistent treatment decisions by medical professionals, irrespective of their experience or expertise. Physicians can review results anywhere, in less than one minute.

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e-Stroke Suite

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multiple devices

Following diagnosis, ischemic stroke patients are assessed to receive thrombolysis, endovascular treatment or for severe cases, decompressive craniotomy. These treatments are time-sensitive, and decisions must be made within the first few hours of stroke onset to ensure the best possible outcome for the patient.

e-ASPECTS results can be easily accessed via PACS, through the e-ASPECTS web browser user interface, or sent to a clinician's smartphone via email, ensuring rapid sharing throughout the stroke team and faster, more informed decision-making.

For users carrying out clinical research, the unique ischemia volume measurement feature in e-ASPECTS provides a fully automated estimate of the ischemic core size on non-contrast CT, even for hyper-acute cases.

Angels Initiative

Building a community of stroke ready hospitals

We are proud to be part of the pan-European Angels Initiative, a lifesaving collaboration with Boehringer Ingelheim. It's a unique healthcare initiative endorsed by the European Stroke Association (ESO) and aims to build a community of 1500 stroke centres and stroke-ready hospitals by May 2019, bringing the latest thinking about stroke care to regions with less well developed facilities.

We offer Angels Initiative member hospitals six months' free use of our e-ASPECTS software and it is already being found very valuable by stroke centres in Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and Portugal.